IRDR Compilation 2010-2020, a comprehensive and sound record of IRDR and its work over the past 10 years, was launched during the opening session of the IRDR 2021 conference on June 8th.

The IRDR Compilation 2010-2020 features all significant achievements, the remaining gaps, and the lessons learnt by the IRDR community during this ten-year cooperation. Its idea was first introduced as a result of the 21st IRDR Scientific Committee (IRDR SC) meeting in May 2019 in Geneva, and its official editing group was formed in October 2019, at IRDR’s 22nd meeting in Xiamen. It is not only intended to summarize IRDR and its works in the past, but also to ensure transparency and accountability to IRDR sponsors, donors, members, and partners. Furthermore, it could help those who are keen to learn the fields of disaster risk studies and explore the potentials of multilateral collaborations by providing a complete set of reference. 

The IRDR Compilation presented the evolution of IRDR programme, the significant academic achievements made by IRDR community, science and policy efforts on DRR capacity buildings, lessons learnt from DRR exercise, and challenges and opportunities identified through international cooperations. In particular, 89 cases were collected from IRDR Working Groups, National Committees, International Centres of Excellence, IRDR Young Scientists and IRDR Flagship Projects. As commented by ISC and UNDRR, this Compilation also "points toward next steps in a global risk reduction in an evidence-based and collaborative manner".

IRDR would like to express its acknowledgement with sincere thanks to the collective contributions from ALL members of IRDR community: co-sponsors and host, members of IRDR Scientific Committee (2010-2020), Executives of IRDR IPO (2010-2020), 13 IRDR NCs, 17 IRDR ICoEs, 164 IRDR Young Scientists, individual experts and IRDR partners. This Compilation is an extraordinary effort of all during the Pandemic.

A special thank to young scientists Lian Fang of IPO, Song Wanjuan, Zhang Haiying and Wang Lei of IRDR China for their hard work as the editing team members throughout the compilation process.


Citation of this publication: IRDR(2021). IRDR Compilation: A ten-year science quest for disaster risk reduction. 315 pages. Doi:10.24948/2021.02


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