Research outputs
27 January 2015 16:04
Integrated Research on Disaster Risk. (2014). Guide to Assessing Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR AIRDR Publication No. 1). Beijing: Integrated Research on Disaster Risk.The need for integrated research follows from the complexity of disaster risk, which cannot be understood comprehensivel...
Research outputs
13 January 2015 09:50
The year 2014 was an exciting and engaging one for the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) programme as our working groups continued to deliver on our research objectives. We recorded several milestones that underscored the significance of the IRDR message in the global disaster risk reducti...
Research outputs
09 January 2015 08:21
David Matyas Sahel Regional Resilience Adviser, Save the Children, Senegal, and Mark Pelling Professor, Department of Geography, King’s College London, United KingdomAbstractResilience is a ubiquitous term in disaster risk management and is an increasingly prominent concept in early discussions focu...
Research outputs
26 December 2014 11:09
BackgroundEstablished in 2006, Periperi U is a platform for university partnership to reduce disaster risks in Africa. It stands for ‘Partners Enhancing Resilience of People Exposed to Risks’ – with a special focus on advancing university action on risk and vulnerability reduction in Africa.The part...
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