Agreement on IRDR Phase II became effective on May 11 2023
16 May 2023

In Paris, during 2023 Mid-Term Meeting of International Science Council (ISC) members, Dr. Peter Gluckman, the President of International Science Council and Dr. Hui Luo, the Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation of China Association for Science Technology (CAST) signed the Letter of Agreement for Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) Phase II. With this signing, the Agreement of the five parties, namely, International Science Council, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), China Association for Science Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR) of CAS, became officially effective for the period of 10 years.


The signing of the Letter of Agreement earmarks the beginning of the science journey of international research communities to pursue the risk-informed sustainable development and planetary health, as has been framed by ISC, UNDRR, and IRDR in 2021. IRDR community, its Scientific Committee, National Committees (NCs), International Centres of Excellence (ICoEs), and Young Scientist Programme will act collectively and in partnership with other DRR-related research programmes and institutions, as a voice of sciences and for sciences, in the implementation of the Sendai Framework and the promotion the developmental safety.

For more information about the signing ceremony, please see ISC Twitter news:


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