Parallel Session of IEEE AICON 2024 to Explore the Role of AI in Global DRR
21 May 2024

The 2024 IEEE Belt and Road Congress on AI for Sustainable Development (IEEE AICON 2024) will host a Parallel Session titled “Global DRR vs AI: Opportunities and Emerging Risks” on June 23rd, 2024, in Hangzhou, China. Co-organized by IRDR and Tsinghua University, this session promises to delve into the complex relationship between Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This session serves as an extension of the last year's workshop themed "New Technology vs Disaster Risk Reduction: Opportunities and Emerging Risks", further revolving around Priority 5 "Harness technologies, data and knowledge for risk reduction", which will remain under discussion in the future.

The overall objective of this workshop is to bring together experts working in the fields of DRR, AI and development policy to discuss both the opportunities and emerging risks associated with AI development and other related technologies. The session aims to provide a platform for participants to share the insights, knowledge and experiences to identify the new opportunities harnessing AI technology for the benefits of communities in DRR and to articulate the new challenges in forms of development risks, and to elaborate the specific suggestions and recommendations for future studies and application practices. 

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