International Training on Resource & Environment Scientific Data Sharing and Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service along the Belt and Road
25 June 2024

International Training on Resource & Environment Scientific Data Sharing and Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service along the Belt and Road

Time:July 28th, 2024 - August 10th, 2024

Beijing, China


Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology


Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS


Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences


  1. International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology under the Auspices of UNESCO

  2. Integrated Research on Disaster Risk International Programme Office (IRDR IPO)

  3. China-Pakistan Joint Research Center on Earth Sciences(CPJRC)

  4. Alliance of International Science Organizations(ANSO)

  5. Alliance of International Science Organizations on Disaster Risk Reduction (ANSO-DRR)

  6. National Earth System Science Data Center

  7. World Data Center for Renewable Resources and Environment, World Data System of International Council for Science (WDC-RRE)

Language: English


(1) to provide theoretical and practical skills on policies and standards, technical methods, software platforms and data management involved in scientific data sharing, and to promote data sharing technology exchange;
(2) to promote disaster prevention and mitigation capacity building in the "Belt and Road" region, and share key technologies and case demonstrations in disaster emergency remote sensing monitoring, disaster loss assessment, and disaster risk assessment;
(3) to provide regional examples of big data in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular to strengthen its application in the Belt and Road economic corridors;
(4) to share the capacity and practice of disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge services in open science, and promote the establishment of data sharing and knowledge service cooperation networks in the Belt and Road region.

Training mode

Combine with face to face training (offline) and online. Offline use of indoor teaching, computer operation, exchange and discussion and field visits, the number of people is less than 20. Online training with no more than 50 people.

Training Costs

The training is free. Accommodation in China will be covered with some additional living subsidies for the trainees on-site.


Technical backbone of national research or educational institutions engaged in resource and environmental science data research, teaching, management, construction and application, or management and technical personnel who can play a key role in promoting data sharing in their respective countries or units, including Russia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Iran, Egypt, Bhutan, etc.


(1) Please fill the application form before June 30th and send the files to contact person (should note will join online or offline) ;
(2) All applicants will receive feedback from the organizer. Acceptance notification will be sent July 10th, 2024.


Director of the workshop

Prof. Wang Juanle,

Contact of the workshop

Ms. Yuan Yuelei,

Ms. Tan Xueling,


 Application form

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