Enhancing Understanding and Management of Disaster Risk in Humanitarian Contexts
30 May 2022 16:00

In GP2022, IRDR together with other organisations and networks co-organised a Thematic Session on Enhancing Understanding and Management of Disaster Risk in Humanitarian Contexts.

For detailed concept documents and references: https://globalplatform.undrr.org/conference-event/enhancing-understanding-and-management-disaster-risk-humanitarian-contexts

The session opened an online survery for the discussions of two questions:

  • What gaps do you see in addressing DRR where you live/work?
  • According to you, how could these gaps best be filled?

Among the answers, the "local-based" was emphasized. The panellists and the participants agreed that the local-based approaches, innitiatives and solutions should be highlighted and well considered when planning the risk-informed development.



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